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  • Saturday, October 29, 2005

    .: It's Been A Year :.

    Time really do flies.. it still hasn't sunk in yet, but it has been more or less 1 year since I started this blog. Sadly however, I still suck at it- which was probably why I never even contemplated taking up journalism. My brain's just not built to be creative and entertaining.

    So if you're here looking for those sorts of post, I suggest you click on the "X" at the top right of the screen. If however, you're here because you have nothing to do but basically bum around at home and go online (aka. no life bugger) or perhaps if you're addicted to reading blogs and blogging yourself...then by all means pleasestick around and continue reading my nonsense.

    P.s: finally fixed the "comment" link, feel free to leave your comments behind.

    - - - - - - - - - - - -

    A lil' update on what's been going on with myself. I went for Futsal again on Thursday, and didn't puke!! woohoo! -_-

    On an upbeat note, I manged to finish 2nd in the latest Foosball DYP (Draw Your Partner) Tournament. This edition of DYP was also a bit more special as it was called
    DeepaRayaWeen. Curious name huh? It's really just a play of word from Deepavali (festival of lights for the Hindustan), Hari Raya (the Muslim's festival), and Halloween.

    Lol, before someone decides to blast me or point finger accusing me of trying to brag, going all the way to the final was beyond my expectation and I guess I would have to thank Lady Luck which chose to glance a smile then and now for my partner and I during some crucial moments. However I think we deserve a pat on our back for gritty determination and keeping a cool head during some of the games =D

    - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    A bit of strange and awkward experience of mine that happened at PKNS (Perbadanan Kemajuan Neger Selangor) complex today during the evening.

    You guys ever heard of this theory called the "human comfort zone"? Well supposedly, every individual has a comfortable invisible peremeter around themselves called the comfort zone. As soon as a stranger is within this "comfort zone", the individual would start to feel uneasy. Anyway, this usually occur in the elevator. After all being cramped up with 10 other stranger in a small moving cubicle would definitely be awkward no matter how many times we have all been in such situation.

    Anywayyy~ this comfort zone apparently doesn't exist to a certain woman that was in the same elevator as I was today... Allow me to explain, the elevator was of average size and is probably capable of carrying around 15-18 person (my estimation) and at that time, there was only about 8-10 people in the elevator. This particular lady could have chosen plenty of other places to stand as there was still some room around the elvator buuuuuuuuut she HAD to stand about 7 centimeters right infront of me with her back facing me...

    It make for a very squirmy ride when a middle aged lady stands right infront of you with her back about 7 cm infront of you...Why, you ask?.. Close your eye and imagine yourself in my shoes, with a member of the opposite sex and about your height standing smack right infront of you...with their back facing you...It's very very uncomfortable.

    Thank god she got off immediately at the following floor!!

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    Wednesday, October 26, 2005

    .: Talk About Irony :.

    I put up a post about bulimia .and the next thing i know, i binged and threw up....not by choice ofcoz.

    It all started when Rainer, Nessa, GG and I decided to go out to buy "buka puasa" food. We ended up buying Lemang, Nasi Ayam, Murtabak, Otak-otak, Satay and etc... I'm sure you get the picture don't ya?

    So after I got myself stuffed with foods, I went off to play futsal with a bunch of friends.....biiig mistake...

    It all started well enough, I mean 2 minute into the game and I opened the scoring when Rainer flighted in a nicely weighted cross for me to head home the first goal of the night. In retrospect, I think the goal was what caused the disaster that is about to happen..

    After scoring the goal, I was psyched up, running around the pitch non-stop (according to desmond, i was running like a headless chicken -_-). It wasn't long before I feel like the wind got knocked out of my lung so i duly asked for a substitution. While sitting out there, I caught up with my breath and watched as our goalie got massacred.

    Feeling sorry for Jared, I went and ask if he wanted to switch with me and let me keep for awhile, to my horror, Carlson- our striker wanted out... So instead of going in for the goalkeeper where I wouldn't need to do any running, I went in for the striker instead. However things started well at first, it didnt take long for me to find the goal again...but after a few minute, reality bites back and all hell broke loose.

    I knew i was gonna hurl and rushed out of the pitch as fast as I could, trying to head for the bin. It was too late though... i took three steps before i hurled all over the floor outside the pitch. It was disgusting and probably one of the most embarassing thing to have happened to me...it left me feeling absolutely crappy.

    Looking at the mess I created, I felt kinda bad and sorry, so I went over to the counter and asked the lady if they have a mop so that i can clean up the mess. In hindsight...cleaning up your own puke in public was probably just as embarassing as throwing up in public.

    Oh well, you mess it up, you clean em' up...

    From now on, I'm never gonna eat anything before going for futsal..


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    Sunday, October 23, 2005

    .: Weird post :.

    This is a community message brought to you by the Department of Health of Rambling-Nonsene.blogspot.com

    p.s : Clicking on the links below would open another window that will explain the meaning of the words.

    Dangers of Bulimia

    Most bulimics eat enormous amounts of food rapidly and in secret, without much appreciation for its taste, texture, or quality. Following these binges, they feel guilty, ashamed, and out of control, and try to get rid of the food through vomiting; overexercising; abusing laxatives, diuretics, or enemas; or not eating for several days. These practices may take place daily or weekly and go on for years.

    Is it harmful? YES. Even though people may be bulimic for years, there are dangers associated with bulimia. The most notable is cardiac arrest or heart attack, which is caused by an electrolyte imbalance of the mineral potassium, a consequence of vomiting or the use of certain diuretics. People who vomit frequently will also lose the enamel from their teeth, which subsequently become sensitive to heat, cold, and acids. Their teeth may eventually decay and fall out. Those who abuse laxatives will find that their own natural body processes cannot function properly when they stop using laxatives, and constipation will result. Stomach ulcers and irritation of the esophagus result from vomiting. More scary, an esophageal rupture could happen the first time, or the two hundredth time, you vomit, and this could kill you. Psychologically, there is depression.

    People can be cured of bulimia, although the road to recovery is gradual and difficult. The sooner you talk with a mental health professional who specializes in eating disorders, the better. Treatment methods vary,... including learning to like and accept yourself, establishing regular eating patterns (so you don't get so hungry that it triggers a binge), alternative coping strategies for stressful or lonely times, and, in some instances, taking antidepressant medication. The good news is that you can change this self-destructive pattern, with commitment and help.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    On a different note, how do you guys like the new picture i put up? I've been told that the old picture made my blog look messy and when I came across this, I thought to myself that it would be perfect for my blog.

    The picture is depicting the guy meeting his childhood self, which is the meaning of having this blog where I can put down any thoughts of mine here so that I may laugh at my stupidity and naivety when I'm balding, walking with a stick and wearing a diaper....unless ofcoz I may not be able to read due to lost of sight.....the horror...

    I'm also trying to design a text which would say "The Future & The Past" or "The Future Meeting The Past" or something along that line onto the picture. However, knowing my limited skill with Photoshop. I'm a tad wee worried about fucking up the whole thing. Neverthelesss, I'll try and give it my best shot. If any of you have some free time and are skilled in Photoshop, please do not hesistate to show off your skills to yours truly since i have zilch amount of talent in that area >=)

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    Monday, October 10, 2005

    .: Sux to be Sick :.

    Sigh...the past 3 days i've been down with the fever, coughing like a penguin choking on a chicken and worse of all, my nose alternatively shift between being a Niagara Falls and having the Great Wall of China stuck up in it...urgh...not to mention i'm sneezing so bad that if someone wants to be polite near me, they would haf to say "bless you" continously for more than an hour that they would probably die themselves from the lack of oxygen since they would go on and on and on and on and on and on and on...err forget it. So yeah! i'm feeling a lil crummy...

    Add to that, i'm trying to apply for a job as a Library Assistant??! danggg! oh well atleast its suppose to be with an international legal firm- fingers crossed -

    oh oh~ i know i always repeat this~ but do you know why people say "bless you" when someone sneezes?

    That's because, at the moment where you sneeze. Your heart stops beating for a second- so technically, you're "dead" when you sneeze. Therefore, "bless you" bcoz you have died and was revived...

    ahhhhh it feels good to be rambling nonsense again...

    edit : According to OKcupid i'll be dead come October 2065 at the age of 80. Most likely cause o death? Heart Attack....


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    Friday, October 07, 2005

    .: Short Words :.

    You know, people say that being in a relationship is difficult. Ofcourse, I'm referring to serious relationship only and not flings and puppy love.

    There's the "are you cheating on me?" or the "is ur fren more important than us" questions being asked constantly.

    Then again, from time to time you may get other classics such as "do you really love me?" being thrown at you after you've remain loyal for 2-3 years~

    and etc etc...

    It's definitely undisputed that being in a relationship requires commitment, time, money and effort towards each other.
    Yeap..its not exactly a stroll in the park; and yet human [that is those with emotions..] all crave to be in a relationship.


    I guess it's because being alone is much harder...
    Everyday you spend waiting; is another day you're never going to get back...

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    Sunday, October 02, 2005

    .: Goofing Around :.

    Remember me mentioning about Tiger FC events in my last post?

    No? Read the post belowlar you lazy ass!!!

    So I went around their website and surfed around..and guess what i find??

    ~ Badabingbadaboom! ~

    A picture of me up on the stage trying to grab myself a jersey in a comentary cum goal shouting competition. This was taken in Sri Hartamas's Soul'ed Out during Manchester United vs Everton's game

    IMVHO [in my very humble opinion lar- you nitwit!] I should have won it hands down..hell I would have given Andy Gray and Martin Tyler a run for their money.. Hell~ Shebby Singh and John Dykes doesn't even stand a chance against me...and they're pretty good. =)

    However one of the Indian dude brought his whole kampung (village) with him (SERIOUSLY!) to the event and had them all rooting for him. As the winner was decided by the loudest applause awarded by the people present, I was denied my rightful throne.. *#@*&^#

    Click here to visit the original website of the picture.

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    Saturday, October 01, 2005

    .: The Red Giants and The Red Devils :.

    On my way down to Subang on the Kesas highway today, i saw throngs of car with flags of the Selangor State flying from their windows or on the bonnets. And i went.. "What the fuck?"

    I thought people only does that on National Day! Furthermore...they use the National flag! It suddenly dawned on me that, today is the Malaysian Cup Final between Selangor and Perlis.

    For those of you scratching your head, the Malaysian Cup Competition in Malaysian football is the equivalent to the FA Cup in England, albeit the teams in Malaysia regard the tournament with a much higher regard than their England counterpart has for their FA Cup.

    Anyway, it was really nostalgic seeing the throngs of Merah Kuning (literraly- red yellow) fan out in such force again. I remember a few years back...

    ...ok ok...many years back...

    Watching the Selangor team in action at the Shah Alam Stadium with my Dad, who used to hold season pass into the VIP area. It was kinda like a father and son bonding thing that we used to do, and we both usually end up returning from the stadium sounding as hoarse as JaRule..or however the fuck u spell his name (he cant sing or rap for nuts)..anyway..you get the picture don't you?

    I remember a few Cup final nights where our whole family would attend the game.. yes we were really avid fans of the Selangor team although the quality on display may left much to be desired, the atmosphere of the stadium was simply electrifying and would match any soccer stadium in England... In fact, I think the crowd was probably more intense and exciting than the freaking snobbish prats in Highbury. Take that you Gooners!

    Ever since the team was relegated and fell from the top echelon of the Malaysian league, the fans; including yours truly, has stayed away. Now that the team is on the verge of a unique Treble after securing the Premier League title and the FA Cup (equivalent of League Cup in England), I wonder if the days of me and my dad wearing Red and Yellow and joining in the carnival and fanfare in the Shah Alam stadium would return.

    There's really nothing like a crowd of 77,000 in delirium from watching football live. TV doesn't even come close.. not even if you have 3D sets. Watching EPL matches at large scale Tiger FC venue is close but still far from the real thing.
    It would be pretty cool, as both my father and I are avid footie fans and passionately support Selangor, the Red Giants and Manchester United, the Red Devils. Notice the word Red?

    Can't help it lar..being a Chinese, there's a natural affinity towards the color...

    why, you ask??

    [in typical ah beng style] LUCKY LA!! if not what?? bcoz its the color of blood?? blardy fool.. *snicker*


    On a side note- Manchester United beat Fulham 3 - 2 and it was blardy great watching Park Ji Sung.

    Step one towards regaining supremacy back from the pretenders. (checked)
    Step two, win the blardy Premier League and Champion League (status pending)


    For those of you who have been bored to tears by the post...I woke up today and went to the kitchen to grab some food this morning afternoon and instead i found this...

    The most humongous banana i have ever seen! holy cow... hang on,i think i hear my phone ringing...

    "Hello? ....geez you gurls sure are.... oh what? You simply want to know how big?"


    evil grin*


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    . . w e l c o m e . to . R - N . . . a . b l o g . o f . n o n s e n s i c a l . r i d i c u l o u s . a b s u r d . l u d i c r o u s . a n d . s i l l y . n o t i o n s . o f . m i n e . .