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  • Tuesday, November 16, 2004

    .: PicAStory :.

    Bored of my nonsensical rambling ?

    Here's my Nonsensical Pictures ~

    Yeap... no talk...juz pictures and captions .

    < they're finally up..and they turned out crappier than i thought..everything about me is really nonsense and isn't worht ur time. u shud be leaving by now, ......bye >

    A few Puzzles for you ~

    This is one great looking jigsaw puzzle

    Which happens to be hanging at the staircase.

    Another jigsaw puzzle that i did when i was much younger.

    And has been hanging on the wall of all 3 of my different bedroom i had. I wonder how long it's gonna last.

    This one took days to assemble. And we later found that the final piece is missing.

    The fate of a puzzle that will never be solved.

    Enough of puzzle ??

    I really only wanted the candle lights...light check if u wanna call it.

    I dub thee Pea-eye-cold-bun-soggy-fries-bunny.

    What i see every morning. See the blue colored plasticky thingy there?

    These little rascals hang out there during the day.

    I'm a Red Devil ...

    This picture made my day roughly a week ago.

    I dun wanna be too sissy or girly, but this is a gift. And it's gonna be sitting at the bed for some time.. =

    Et finalement nous avons ceci*

    And finally we have this* ~ this dancing pics are common..but ive never seen one wif these characters =)

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    -Nonsense rambled by -skyllax- @ 9:32 PM-
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    .: FinalLVPost :.

    Went jogging again...lots of people been askin me

    "Why are you jogging??"

    cuz i blow all my money on godknowswhat and therefore i cant afford to pay club membership fees to exercise in gym or to swim in the swimming pool~ *boohoo* sad for me.

    .:My LV ThreadMill aka. Road to Twillight Zone:.

    .:My LV StepLadder aka. Stairways to Heaven:.

    .:My LV PumpMaster 3000 aka. No-idea-for-this-yet:.

    wif that said..here are juz random pics i took there..i swear this is gonna be my last post about LakeView..im getting sick of posting about it...yet i juz gotta put these pics up first.

    ~Click on em for larger view~

    oh yeah..one more thing.. i AM goin alone so far~ it doesn't really make much difference actually...why? try running around wif ur mouth shut~ you might be able to do 2 laps

    then.. run around yakking away to somebody...i'll bet my ass that you would be panting by the end of the 1st lap.


    That's why not many gurls jog..they prefer to walk or cycle...you don't really expect them to shut their mouth do you ??

    Less important conclusion : Muh mp3 player is great company though.. >=)


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    Tuesday, November 09, 2004

    .: Winning11Madness :.

    yeS~ that's right.. the TOA* gang and I are back again..another one of those monday night madness.

    This time, Syafiq has brought over his PS2 to Rainer's pad...so we decided to hold a Winning 11 league battle!~

    For the backdated and backwater people who have never heard of Winning 11 (what?? i dun own a ps or ps2 and even i know about it..). Winning 11 is a sort of football sims game in the mould of EA Sports Fifa series...except it's harder to play, more realistic- where you don't freakin score everytime you get near the penalty box and shoot...or...every time you kick off and you use your star player to score from the middle of the park- and there is no Andy Gray and Martin Tyler to do the commentating..instead..we get 2 japanese dude bantering out japanese phrases such as "Shuto!!!" or "Jumping Heado" and the ever popular and my favourite- "UnBerivable!!"....now i know most of you don't speak japanese...but if you dont understand what i just typed....you should look under your bed and find your common sense or go buy the book Logic for Dummies.

    .:Rainer and Wei Sheong:..:Me and Syafiq:.

    A bunch of idiots posing wif PS Controller.. (btw..the black controller was pretty fucked up..whenever your man receives a pass from the keeper...the controller will automatically kick the ball out for your oppnent to throw in.. **#^&%!)

    if you think the pictures above are stupid..look out below...

    .:Argentina = Rainer:..:England = Me:.
    .:Portugal = Jared:..:Italy = Syafiq:.

    MoRE idiotic pictures...

    .:The Winning 11..played by monkeys:.

    .:The Konami Cup Winner ~ poser:.

    So at the end of the day, Italy came out on top after defeating England and Portugal and a draw against Argentina.

    While Argentina lost to England (MUAhaHAHAHAHHA!), drew with Italy and won Portugal.

    England manage a win against Argentina (cue: MuahAHHAhahah!), drew with Portugal and lost to Italy.

    Poor Portugal lost to Argentina and Italy and drew with England.

    *Note: TOA = The One Academy

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    -Nonsense rambled by -skyllax- @ 4:35 AM-
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    Monday, November 08, 2004

    .: ReviveMyLung :.

    In a bid to bring my dead lungs back to life...i have embarked on a mission that everyone..yes i mean everyone of us, have tried, or thought about doing...yes that's right...
    i'm talking about daily jogging.

    It all started since i had to be a chauffeur to my sis during her SPM...
    I woke up, send her to school at 7.30...and was heading to ss15 to read some comics or something when all of a sudden.. i decided to head over to Lakeview and take a walk since it was a real beautiful morning, and some fresh air would be godsend to my poor lungs.

    So the first thing i do b4 i head over to Lakeview was - looking for a partner - so i whipped out my ever trusty phone and sent a msg to Hun Wei askin if he wanna go for a jog and then breakfast... I'm pretty sure he must haf been pretty shocked when he woke up n read that msg..lolz.

    When both HW and i juz started our college life...we were both young and naive~ haha we had this plan that b4 we head off to class in college which starts at 8, we would go for a jog around his nieghbourhood and then take a shower n head to class.. Obviously...that lasted for a week...or less...

    Anywayz~ in the end i headed to Lakeview all on my own and when i reached...the folks over there found me so attractive and interesting they couldn't pry their drooling eyes away from mua~ hahah maybe i'm simply irresistable or maybe it's the fact that i'm probably the only teenager that is there to jog on a monday morning.

    .:Lakeview from the inside of my car:.

    I got off to a slow walk and quickly jogged 2 laps before taking another walk to cool down and stop myself from panting like a sick puppy.

    .:The banks of Lakeview lake:.

    .:The lake itself:.

    Note: The jogging / walking path is situated around this lake.

    Your probably thinking..that one jog was juz a one off thing~ you're gonna be wrong..


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    Friday, November 05, 2004

    .: GaspingN'Panting :.

    One thing that i used to feel pretty good about myself was how i was actively playing badminton, football and maybe a lil basketball. I come out pretty much above average in badminton and football, however i suck at basketball...

    in other words...i was pretty much in good shape before my college days.. i may not haf great speed or a lot of strength..but one thing i got is gritty determination and abundance of stamina... yeap! Thats rite..stamina.. infact..i use to do pretty well everytime some politician decides he needs some good publicity by holding a charity marathon or whenever my school feel like leeching more money from idiots all around to fund their expenditure by a Jog-a-thon or Walk-a-thon, i even beat some of my school's track runner sometimes.

    but all that is in the past...ever since i turned 18 and started college..i stopped playing nearly all of those games...sad..but true...why did i stop?? i haf no freakin idea... too much foos and pool perhaps~

    "what happen to your stamina then?" you ask...well i'll be truthful with you...my lung was attacked by smoking, those smoke has accomplished what my daily 1-3 cans of Coke consumption couldn't do - Kill off my lungs!!

    Whats that i hear?? you didnt knew i smoke?? It's sad but true..
    i'm not a social smoker...i'm not a heavy smoker.....no no...i'm not an addicted heavy chain smoker.....i'm worse.......
    ..................I'm a regular daily 2nd hand smoker.

    .: This is probably what my lungs look like now :.

    Find me a place where i can play foosball and pool without being a 2nd hand smoker and i'll crawl to your place, kiss your forehead, your cheeks, your mouth, your neck, your chest, and all the way down to your feet and toes... gee...that sound kinda weird.....and if you think i' m really gonna do that..then your obviously new to this blog~

    Note : Here is an article entitled "Smokers are all stupid" by Mr. Louis from www.suckball.com, it's witty, it's funny...so go and fuckin read it. And for those uninitiated or amazingly dumb ppl who doesnt know where to click to read that article.. here it is in simple English --> Click HERE!! or Here

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    -Nonsense rambled by -skyllax- @ 4:11 AM-
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    Tuesday, November 02, 2004

    .: LateNiteMondayShow :.

    Juz got back home not long ago..so i decided to do some quick update for this blog so that aly will stop breathing down my neck..although i know she's still gonna scream at me coz the post she is waitin for me to update is below..and not craps like this...hahah!

    Anywayz~ yes i know..today is a monday..and these guys are all nutz for hangin out wif a full timer bummer like me who don't haf to worry about class the next morning ... but wat the heck~ i think we had quite a good time.

    The plan was for us to head over to Rainer's1 place to play a game of squash after dinner time..and naturally after dinner means sometime around 9.30 - 10 pm
    ....(hey~ we are malaysians...dinner time is normally 8-9....ok mayb most ppl haf dinner at 6-7...so wat? back to the story).

    Anyway we got our game started at 10 pm or so..and here are some of the pics :

    Crossing path wif Desmond Check out that stance!
    Syafiq n Rainer dukin' it out!Syafiq wif his backhand return!
    Stretch for the ball! What a stance! Another one! =P
    The Undefeated Champ of the Day: Rainer Yong
    Because he was the camera man, there was no pic of Mr. Jared in action..but i got this pic of him grinning like the Cheshire Cat!

    So there we were playing till 12 am went the guard knock on the door and say there were alot of complaints about the noise we made...geez wat spoil sport..and you know whats funny?

    About 3-5 minutes after we stopped playing, some lady in one of the flat started singing karaoke!! how's that for some noise! >=)

    It's 12 am, you've just finished exercising by playing squash..what's the next sensible thing for you to do then?? Take a dip in the swimming pool...duh~!

    I know..you cant see nuts in that picture..but hey..due to convenience..the only camera i had is my Sony Ericsson P800 mobile phone. (So now u guys know..p800 has lousy camera..oh btw all pictures above were taken wif the same camera..if u havent figured that out by now...) neway...im sure u can see the shimering reflection of the water in the pool..me and wei sheong are actually posing in the pictures..tuff luck ladies ;)

    Obviously..after all those activities..our stomach was playing the drums so fast and hard they make blink 182's drummer look like an amateur. So here are the pics of what we had...

    .: BEFORE :.
    .: AFTER :.

    5 guys,1 court,1 pool, 10 dish, and atleast 14 cups of assorted drinks plus plenty of perverted comments (Ah SheONG!!!) and stupid dumb jokes to laugh our silly asses off... now that's what you call a late nite outing.

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    -Nonsense rambled by -skyllax- @ 4:42 AM-
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    Monday, November 01, 2004

    .: One-itis :.

    ..im suffering from one-itis...whats it you ask?? well i cant really tell but here's an analogy of one-itis. 10 bux says u wont understand anything once ur done reading it and another 10 bucks says you will know who it is refering to =

    ps. dun bother askin me directly what is one-itis...i wont be telling..

    Dixon is a lousy baseball player but somehow managed to get himself signed up as a rookie hitter in some major league team. So in his first few games, he goes up to swing the bat at pitches from a typical major league pitcher.The pitcher is someone who happens to be worthy to be on a major league team.

    He keep striking out because, well, he's so far in his life
    been a lousy baseball player. But it's cool to be on a major league team... and
    he don't want to get cut. So if he want to stay on the team, he have to learn to

    He goes to his coach and ask, "Coach, I'm hitting lousy against this one pitcher, can you tell me how I can get a hit through that one pitcher?"

    The coach says, "Your problem isn't that one pitcher, your problem is that you're a lousy hitter and have never played in the majors. Just practice with the team and play through the season against other pitchers and by the end of the season you'll be in good form.

    And, who knows, you may even run up against that one pitcher at the end of the season after you've gained all your new skills and be able to get a hit off him then."

    Dixon, who doesn't understand or accept what the coach is saying responds with, "But coach, I want to hit good against that one pitcher now! How is finishing up the season with field training and practice going to help me against that one
    pitcher now?"

    It doesnt...but that's life, what you want might not be what you get..so give it up and listen to the coach kiddo~ stop yourself from suffering one-itis

    Disclaimer : If somehow, by chance you were driven to insanity while reading all this garbage that i juz spew without explanation or further elaboration of what it is..you don't haf the right to sue me...why?

    coz i said so...so there!~

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    -Nonsense rambled by -skyllax- @ 5:11 PM-
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    . . w e l c o m e . to . R - N . . . a . b l o g . o f . n o n s e n s i c a l . r i d i c u l o u s . a b s u r d . l u d i c r o u s . a n d . s i l l y . n o t i o n s . o f . m i n e . .