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  • Tuesday, June 14, 2005

    .: StillNothingToSay :.

    I'm starting to bore myself here...but im here to ramble nonsense again....so here i go!~

    I've always had the tendency to look around n point out any good lookin' gurls that i see, be it cute, pretty, beautiful, unique looking or watever. I'll always point them out to the person I'm with.. what's the responds that i get?

    From the guys: They would usually join in with me and give their own opinion of the gurl, but there are also guys who would scream at me and ask me to stop oogling at gurls (me think they are gay..well not really gay juz a bit "not right" if u get wat i mean...yes im talking about you and you know who u are~ hahah!)

    From the gurls: This is where it gets a little interesting, most would snap at me and ask me to stop doing it. On the other hand, you also get those that look at you, roll their eyes, start shaking their head and say "stop being such a pervert" or say something like "ur really desperate arent you?"....u get where im going dont u?

    What i dont understand is why would the gurls think that way? Here's what i'm always saying, personally.. its like appreciating wine or going to an art gallery and appreciating the artistic paintings , etc.. notice i bold the word 'appreciating'? It's exactly that! What guys are doing (for me that is) is that we appreciate that the particular gurl has made an effort to look good, and wouldnt it be a waste to not appreciate them? It doesn't neccessarily mean that the guys are having perverted thoughts or ill intentions although undeniably, stuffs like that pops up once in a while and sometime you get the urge to go over and talk to the gurl... but most of the time we are just appreciating the beauty in front of us.

    So there~ that's what i think, and ur welcomed to your own opinion...juz stop yelling "Dickson!" the next time i decide to ask you all to appreciate the girl that's sitting across the table... >=)

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    Thursday, June 02, 2005

    .: NothingtoSay :.

    yeap...im juz posting for the sake of posting... i juz got back from JB a few days back after attending a friend's wedding...i gotta say thanks to Jason T, we were pretty much treated like vips there...and yeah~ i had a lot of fun there, I mean..what else can you expect when Jason T book us into a hotel in the middle of a place where the whole stretch of roads are pubs and clubs....and then he introduces the godsons of one of the club owner there to us... Thanks for a smashing time anyway Fonce, Sean & Jason T.

    I'm starting to besieged by work...oh yeah..truck loads of work... can u guys still see me?? im not surprised if you cant..coz im buried under this avalanche of work!!!! arGH!! i haf this nice timetable and day-to-day plan worked out..and yes i fitted bball and a lil pool & foos time in...but i hope god will strengthen my will so i can carry it out...or else help me god...im dead.... please do attend my funeral... RIP

    oh oh..i forgot to add this..while on the way to JB, me and marcus saw a purple Harrier wif a kick ass number plate... it was JED1... -> and it looked like this JEDl <---- it sure beat the number plate on a Beamer i used to see... wanna know what the beamer's plate is?? TAH1 ....i shit you not....or better yet... i tahi u not... and JB guys are freakin rich...i got to see 2 different Lamborghini going to JB and coming back to KL...and no they aint Singapore car...

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    -Nonsense rambled by -skyllax- @ 6:48 AM-
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