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  • Sunday, December 24, 2006

    .: Not so dull after All :.

    What a crazy week it has been lately. It all started on Monday from a trip to Malacca with Hun Wei, Roshida and Wei Sheong to visit Sharon since Hun Wei was gonna go back to Australia soon. It ended up with us sitting for hours in the Chicken Rice Ball shop, using soup as alcoholic substitute to play a drinking game, tag-team bowling in Mahkota Parade and erm.. more yumcha session in McD's.

    Pictures stolen from Roshida's blog

    Right after the trip, Hun Wei and I rushed off to join the pool tournament in Rack. Went pretty well too, both of us qualified on that day- and on Tuesday I made it into the last 8 while Hun Wei went out in the last 16, although his opponent in the first round is way tougher. Anyway I still have no idea who won the tournament.. will have to find out soon.

    And on Thursday, headed over to Maison to celebrate Ai Rene's 21st birthday.... and I just gotta say.. Maison is crazy packed on Thursday.. and every 10 steps u take in that place you're bound to run into a familiar face. -_-
    Poor Ai Rene is now asking for a 2nd birthday celebration since she couldn't remember a single thing from that night.. hahaha!

    Anyway on Saturday there was the usual futsal session at night with Jin Aun and co...but I went over to Salmon Steak for dinner with Ai Rene and Amanda before that and they told me they were gonna go down to Genting... What else could i do? Say no to more road trips??

    So right after futsal, I took a shower and drove to Genting with Lynn, Ai Rene, Amanda and Bryan in the car. Wei Sheong and Kevin went up in Wei Sheong's car and Pooi Mun and Yi Zin in another car. Blardy Yi Zin drive his Rav4 thinking it's a race car.. all the way to Genting and all the way back... thats why his car had to make pit stop 3 times with the engine overheating.. LOL! Turns out Po Joo and Derek was also up in Genting that night, although I didnt get to meet Po Joo, Derek did look us up in the casino.

    We wrapped up the Genting trip with a drive to Klang for Bak Kut Teh, early in the morning! I never had Bak Kut Teh so early in the morning before, heck, we even beat the newspaper delivery guy by an hour!!! And to me, newspaper guy are like the people that wakes up the earliest..

    All in all, it has been a crazy, tiring, kick-ass week. Just when i thought my life was getting extremely dull.

    Add-ons: Imma gonna have to kill my sisters' puppy soon..wait.. my sis say its no longer a puppy since she caught him trying to hump her soft toys...errr oh well.. anyway.. the damn dog seem to haf found a spot to poop in my room.. it's now been 3 times in 3 days...ARGH!!!!

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