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  • Wednesday, September 28, 2005

    .: Quick Time Reaction :.

    We all know that most racers are hot blooded male with extremely quick reaction and acute sense of awareness towards their surrounding...

    Are you all nodding your head in agreement? yes? no?

    For those who are shaking their head instead...
    this guy might just change your mind. It's really hilarious though~ Enjoy

    ps. thank Galvin for showing this clip to me.


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    Wednesday, September 21, 2005

    .: Crappy Quality Perverted Pictures :.

    Presenting...errr forget it...lets forget i ever post this in the near future alrite??

    When the peeps get bored in AC and starts stoning in Studio 78.. this is what they spend their time on...M@shimaro and MiLo monkeys getting it on, not to forget...the cool ass blue skin dude

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    Monday, September 19, 2005

    .: Cocky, Arrogant, Hated, SOB? :.

    No...i'm not here to blog about someone that i despise or something like that...the above title was made in reference to .....Myself..

    yeap~ stop rubbing your eyes, they're not deceiving you...

    Last Friday... i went to Asia Cafe (AC) to have dinner, after that..we head down to Decanters in Hartamas to drink and get ourself drunk. After that...like all normal Malaysian youngsters nowaday...we head to a mamak stall to yumcha (loosely translated - drink tea) after drinking (yeap...we are a bunch of camels).

    Anyway...what is important is, I woke up the next day and found out that someone had imprinted a 60 cm long scratch mark on my car!! And the only places I've been to was the afore-mentioned places. And I swear on my head that I was being a good boy and parked at proper places without obstructing any pathways or cars...

    The only explanation that i can come up with is...

    1.) Some wannabe Picasso was feeling creative at that moment and decides that my car would look good with the scratch..

    I must be a cocky, arrogant, hated S.O.B (unknowingly ofcourse, i tend to be very nice) - and some b@stards who can't find their balls to face me decided to be petty and punish my poor car.

    edit :

    Lord, please ensure that I would NEVER find out who was the culprit...or so help me I swear I would find a shaft 60 cm long and SHAFT it up the person's arse - and make sure he would never be able to take a crap without bleeding like a female going through pms......


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    Friday, September 16, 2005

    .: Quagmire :.

    Quagmire...that's what i'm in right now...

    Cannot believe how addictive dota can get...thanks to Wei Sheong... i end up at home at 5 am!! instead of 1 am..like i planned...sigh... and to make things worse, how am I gonna tell them that i would be staying out late on Friday night??

    Thanks to dota...looks like my plan to go drinking on Friday night may be up in smoke~

    I'm so gonna get screwed by my parents when they wake up..i should probably sneak out before they wake up...

    I'm in total trepidation over this...and some other stuff...ack... i think i should sleep now...


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    Thursday, September 01, 2005

    .: What Now? :.

    It has been long indeed, since I last fancy to note down my thoughts...As some of you may know, I am now on holiday and I hope I'll be spending it better than I had in the past, though how I will go about to accomplish this is beyond me and whatever modicum of flair for excitement that I have inside me.

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