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  • Thursday, January 27, 2005

    .: PureNonsense :.

    Alrite...i haven't ramble nonsense for so long that i nearly forgot about this blog ^_^;

    First thing first...i dun update my blog daily or regularly bcoz i dun think neone out there wud be interested in wat i do daily, im telling you- u'll find more entertainment watching a snail crawl through the room, hence the lack of updates...but wat the heck- i shall gif it a try.

    For those of you who don't know...i've started going to class again - yay! and booo.. Why yay?? coz i've been on sabbatical for sooooo long that i can actually feel the rusty gear in my mind creak and groan when i try to have a sensible, intelligent conversation....Why boo?? for the simple facts that i'm having to do this all over again..but it's alrite, i accept it, i came unstuck due to my own undoing..so wat the hell.

    It's been ages since i hit the movie..i remember when i used to go to the movies like nearly every week...back when i was in form 3, b4 my tuition i would even go to the cinema on my own.

    A few interesting shows have popped up recently on my "to-watch list".
    One would be Will Smith's new flick called The Hitch simply bcoz its Will Smith!!! He never fails to crack me up, and i reaaaally think he is a decently good actor (so wipe that smirk off ur face!) . In this new movie, he's gonna be a profesional matchmaker @ counsellor for ppl like me~ until a female journalist decides to expose his fraudulent(?!!) method. As usual following the old hollywood script- sparks begin to fly between them and all of a sudden Mr. Will Smith ain't so smooth nemore and starts to stutter infront of the gal..judging by the trailer..this should be a good show to waste time on - don't all trailer make the movie look good? oh well...

    The second movie that i want to catch is a old one shot in 2002 called Life or something like that! (yes i think that's the title).. starring ms. Angelina Jolie..yes in a comedy!! I think it's the only time she acted in a comedy...what more..in this movie..instead of her jet black hair that we are accustomed to...her hair would be Madonna blonde. That was one reason why i wanted to watch it..but the real reason was the question that was posed to the Angelina Jolie in the movie. For those who have not heard about this movie b4.. A Jolie as a reporter was told by a weird and strange man, in an interview, that she has only another week in her life. When all the other predictions by the man came true one by one, she begin to believe that her time is coming and goes on tackling issues in life.

    If you were to be told that you only have one more week in ur life...what will you do?
    hmmm looks like i juz found something to waste my brain cell on...blog it afterwards? who knows...perhaps-

    btw do you guys know i haf a new email add?? - limdickson@gmail.com - i've never really email-ed much so ppl...try me!! when i say send emails to me..i don't mean fwd craps which at the end asks me to fwd them to a bunch of others...however jokes are warmly welcomed, it would be better if the email has actual content..=)
    That's all i got to say for now..till the next time i blog (another year perhaps)~

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    Friday, January 14, 2005

    .: HappyNewYear :.

    hie Happy New year to EveryonE!! The last month has been heCtiC!!! i think i drank more in the last month than the whole of this year combined...hehe =p

    Yes i know it's a lil late..but hey~better late than never rite?

    So a new year so i decided on a new layout..but i'm having alot of troubles wif this one...if you are using internet explorer..i hope everything is not underlined for u...but i know it probably is..sigh. Firefox is showing all these fine though... What's Firefox you ask?? Firefox is an internet browser similar to IE...only much better...i suggest you guys go get it...it's ez to use and mucho better than IE..oh wait..am i repeating myself?? who cares..

    Anyway..i need to run now since i've got class in 30 minutes...but you can be sure i'll be back to sort things out =)


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