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  • Tuesday, December 14, 2004

    .: StressedOut? :.

    Right...i know i said i wasnt gonna care if the archives and previous post goes up or not...but the truth is..i juz cant help myself once i get started..i've been playing with the codes and layouts for hours to personalize this design a lil'

    I've put up more songs selection at the "R-N Christmas Jukebox". Just click on them, wait for awhile for the songs to load and if they don't this mean my pitiful free bandwith of 10mb per day has been maxed out. Too bad for you, mind you...if you cant hear the songs it's definitely not my fault!!

    Right, for those who are still going through finals, or those who are nervously waiting for their results...or even those who have got their results and in result are getting majorly stressed out (u get my drift, dun u?)

    Here's a gift from me , print the following Anti-Stress-Kit or you can grab them here

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    Monday, December 13, 2004

    .: Merry Christmas! :.

    As you all well know by now...i've changed the skins to the blog!!

    Since i don't really celebrate Christmas, i thought the least i could do was to make my blog a lil' X'mas friendly =)

    Although i really hate frames and scrollbar for blogs, i like the way this one turned out. Although i tweaked with the codes a little...the original design and layout credits goes to Caline, well done gurl! However, i can't seem to figure out how to place the blog's Archieves and Links and other stuff..and i'm not going to bother to try and put it up, since this template will only be used until the Christmas season is over.

    I've also added a Wishlist on the right...so Mr. Santa, i'm sure you waste your time at my blog~ >=)

    Its been ages since i updated..neway a lot of memorable stuff haf happened to me during Christmas times in the past..so i shall pull one out of the bag and post it sooner, rather than later...for now i'm going off to get myself something to bite!!

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to All you R-N blogders !!!

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