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  • Wednesday, October 27, 2004

    .: EmbarassingMoment :.

    Alrite, I was feelin up to it..so i thought of ranking the most embarassing and stupid things i've ever done in my life that i can still remember...but rankin em is juz too tough...so..... instead im gonna list em down and you guys can determine which is the most embarassing and stupid one for me...

    That's right..im feelin generous...and im lettin everyone ridicule me as much as they want!!! why you ask?? well simply bcoz im bored..and ive recently done one of the things on the list...how recent, u ask? yday nite... >.<


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    Monday, October 25, 2004

    .: GuysNFootball :.


    It's really amazing how someone's mood can be changed drastically over a game of football...but it's true!! You could say i was feelin a bit down, sad and ultimately bored before this game. So me and my buddies decide to head on down to Souled Out, Sri Hartamas to catch this big showdown wif a bunch of other mad cheering die-hard fans like us!! And boy was it worth it!!! I haf to admit, even though im a die hard Red Devils- the Gooners attackin set pieces and moves were better than us...but they never looked like beating us! The game was pretty even in every area of the field no matter what Arse' Wenger and Arsenal claims.
    When the first goal went in~ I was practically jumping up and down finishin up the beer i had in hand and high-fiving every other Man U fans around me. A stranger even pushed a bottle of beer at my way when he see's that im out of beer..although i was really bloated with beer at that time..I took it happily and "cheers" wif him. So you ask yourself...what happens when the 2nd goal was scored??? I went on another jumpin spree!! only this time..i decide my chair wud be a good spot to jump up and down on!!! WEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Remember how i said i was bloated wif beers after the 1st goal?? I guess i was wrong..coz when the 2nd goal came..all of us were so ecstaticly happy that i bottoms up on that bottle of beer... im juz glad i didnt puke from drinkin too much beer too quickly and on an empty stomach... I'll be posting up a few pics tat i took from that nite soon!! =)

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    Sunday, October 24, 2004

    .: AStory :.

    I expected to meet my first love in a magical way. Not necessarily “knight on white horse” magical, but I had a definite picture in my head – tall, blond, chiseled body, deep voice, designer clothes. He would be romantic smart and very witty. He would be perfect. One day he did come along, my perfect love, although his perfection wasn’t quite there- at first.

    He was 5 years older than I and about 5 inches shorter. He had a high squeaky voice, considering he was nineteen at the time, and a scrawny little body. He wasn’t what you would call “good-looking”

    We met at the beach. A mutual friend introduced us. He was annoying and kept cracking jokes and flirting with me. Somehow, he ended up giving my friends and me a ride home that night.

    I rolled my eyes as the car pulled up to us. The brakes were shot, the door was broken, and he had to sit on a phone book to actually see over the dashboard. I could not help but laugh at the situation. How embarrassing, I thought. But he was far from embarrassed. He kept cracking jokes about his “trusty steed” and haf us all laughing to tears. We stopped off at his house on the way home and I asked him if I could use his bathroom. He stopped turned and said, “Yes, but…those who use my bathroom must give me their phone numbers.” He was grinning.

    “Whatever, Here.” I jotted down my number and then sought out the bathroom.

    I guess you could say that was where it all started. We became friends instantly. He would take me out to dinner and to the movies. He even brought me as his date to a Halloween party and stayed by my side the whole night. That Halloween was the night I realized that Nicky was more to me than just a friend. We came to the party as “hitch hikers that escaped from prison” and won the prize for most creative costume.

    His creativity and silliness was what did it. That’s how he won my heart. I was in love with this beautiful friend.

    Did I tell him? Oh, no way! I was very proud…and very stubborn. I had been hurt many times before meeting Nicky, and needless to say, had learned that love confessions are dangerous. But this was different; it felt for real.

    We had been friends for almost a year and knew each other inside out. I knew that he liked me. He told me so all the time. I was confused. I didn’t want to ruin the amazing friendship we had.

    I hid my feelings for him for another year. It drove me crazy. He gave up on me and got a girlfriend, and I dated off and on; thus we grew apart. I was never happy with any other guy. I compared every date and hug and voice to his. It hurt inside, and I denied my own true feelings and hid them very well until one day…

    He had just broken up with his girlfriend, and I called out of the blue. He asked if I wanted to come over and watch a movie, and I agreed.

    “We have some catching up to do,” he whispered, his voice giving me chills.

    “Yeah, you’re right. I’ve missed ya…you haven’t grown have you?” I joked.

    “Just come over,” he laughed. So I did.

    It felt good to be back. I threw my arms around him immediately as I walked through the door. Our eyes met awkwardly, and I pulled away.

    We talked about our lives, each other and ourselves. We talked for hours, about everything and anything until silence interrupted our conversation.

    I had always wondered how it would feel to kiss him – soft, sloppy, passionate?

    And in that moment I decided that I needed to know. Our eyes met, and I leaned in and kissed him. His lips were soft, the kiss perfect. I was floating in his touch, his arms, and his affection. It had been two years of flirting and friendship, and finally we were trapped in the moment between our own true feelings.

    I spilled to him the truth about my feelings. I told him how scared I was that I would lose him as a friend, but that he had become much more than that to me. I told him that I had never cared about someone this way. I told him that he was beautiful and that I was falling in love with him. I even began to cry.

    He smiled and kissed me lightly on the cheek. “I love you, too,” he whispered. “And I know how you feel. We go perfectly together, Becca.”

    “I know, Nicky.” At this moment he was the most beautiful person I had ever seen, every inch, up to his perfect ears. His voice was music, his touch tender. That was when our friendship became more. We were in love.

    Months passed and our stability floundered. Love is a roller coaster, and I must admit sometimes all the turns and twists made me sick. But through everything we had an amazing and beautiful relationship. He taught me how to love and admired my passion for life. He instilled confidence in me and supported my individuality.

    Love has a tendency to fade. Ours did.
    We had given each other a lot, including the confidence to grow into our own people, and ultimately, to grow apart. One day, I just didn’t see the love in his eyes any more. Hiss kiss was different. We both felt the slow drift apart, yet neither of us really wanted to admit that our fire was blowing out. We had been together for a year and a half and, secretly, I knew, no longer.

    Although our relationship ended, our connection stayed strong. My friends had always warned me never to date your best friend. That you will ruin your friendship and it can never be the same again.

    Three years later, he remains one of my best friends. We have changed and grown. I am involved with someone new and wonderful, and so is he. And yet we still remain major priorities in one another’s lives.

    The fantasy of my magical man has faded, and I no longer search for perfection. I know that it doesn’t exist. What I do know is that love is mysterious, and beautiful and oftentimes, very unexpected.

    - Rebecca Gabrielle Saunders

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    Thursday, October 21, 2004

    .: BlameTheLaptop :.

    Rite..first thing first...for those who are saying im a lazy arse who has already got bored of blogin...All i gotta say is "It wasn't me!"

    Seriously!! i wrote like 50,000 words to show that this blog is really full of rambling nonsense but just when i was about to click "Publish Post" my laptop decide to play a game of hide and seek..~ yeap.. the whole screen went missing!! obviously..i was suppose to count till 100 b4 i start lookin..but 10 second later i found my screen back but my 50,000 words draft was still hiding..and..yes i admit.. i couldnt find it.. i guess im bad at this game called hide and seek.

    ps : told you guys im great at description..oh wait...im great at exagerating!

    What's been going on the past few days?? well nothing really interesting actually, everybody else's are having doomsday looming up on them or are actually going through d-day...

    So i'll be like "hey! wanna catch a movie??"
    And the replies i get range from "I've gotta cram for my exams next week!" to "I'm having exam week!!"

    oh yeah..most of em takes lesson from me..that is..they all do their studying last minute. No one really know wats the meaning of studying consistently. Does that word even exist??

    Nah, im juz kiddin~ i'm pretty sure most of them only take lessons from me in exagerating, thats y i nvr believe them when they say "I'm doom! I havent studied at all" ....they all try so hard to be like me. >=)

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    -Nonsense rambled by -skyllax- @ 2:35 PM-
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    Friday, October 15, 2004

    .: Back2Blog :.

    Demanding blogder* : This Blardy IdioT's blog is barely 1 week old and he's bored of it!! #$*%&%&#$*!

    Me : hell yeah~ so wat if im bored of it by now??

    RIte~ just kiddin...no im not bored of this yet..i might in another week or 2...or perhaps another year..who knows?? but im definitely not bored of this yet..hahah

    Curious blogder : So what's been keepin u away from ur blog??

    good question~ the answer would be.. I want to be able to post this :

    I've been really busy with stuff in my life lately, therefore i havent had the time to update this blog.


    Busy wif wat?? nope~~ no life here...seriously!! when ur stuck at home for 2 days in a row doing nothing but sleep, watch tv and eat...ur pretty much lifeless...
    Not to mention shows that i watch includes the likes of Kim Possible, Totally Spies, Even Stevens, Lizzie McGuire, Lilo & Stitch, Hercules ... you know ur life is in a total wreck...

    Rite..for those of u who are actually paying attention...yeah those are all shows from the Disney channel....hEy~ i got a lil sis..and no one says "NO" to her during her tv time...

    .:The Little Devil Herself:.

    still..i manage to catch a whole load of other cool shows n programmes (actually..some of those shows on disney are pretty good..wif the exception of Totally Spies, the afore-mentioned shows were pretty funny n entertaining- back to the topic).... like what u ask??

    For Love or Money 3 - A 2 hour premierre featuring 16 contestant and about 12 hot chiq?? (how the other 4 was selected...i haf no idea..) That on its own is a good enuff reason to catch this show..throw in some of the twisted evil plot that the producer of the show come up wif?? BrilliaNt!

    p.s: im gonna be bloggin about this show sooner or later...

    .: Is she HOT or what??!!! :.

    Smallville : I know, i know...most of u out there are probably already hooked on to this..but i never really bothered back when i had a life (i would like to think i used to haf a life)...anyway...Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang? Plus the fact i used to be a sucker for the Superman series on tv last time? It's a no brainer im gonna be tuning in every week.

    Stupid Behaviour Caught on Video : Need i say more??

    Ed : About a lawyer fired from a big firm for fuckin up once and when he reached home, he found his wife getting a special delivery from the postman..(poor sucker...) Naturally he decides to return to his hometown called Stuckyville and later decides to buy a bowling alley and runs his own law firm IN that same bowling alley after bumping into his highschool sweetheart/crush who has now stop being a head cheerleader bimbo and is actually a high school teacher!!

    ps. Rite...u ppl who know me well enough must be thinking.."hmm, ironic"..or.. "sounds familiar"...

    and...there's a bunch of others too..but after all that..i think im gonna take a break now..

    * Blogder - a play of words between Blog-Reader, hence Blogder...i totally rip this off some other blog...so wat?? sue me!

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    -Nonsense rambled by -skyllax- @ 3:14 PM-
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    Wednesday, October 13, 2004

    .: NobodyKnows :.

    Wish I told her how I feel,
    Maybe she'd be here right now but instead...

    I pretend that I'm glad you went away
    These four walls closing more every day
    And I'm dying inside
    And nobody knows it but me

    Like a clown I put on a show
    The pain is real even if nobody knows
    And I'm crying inside
    And nobody knows it but me

    Why didn't I say the things I needed to say
    How could I let my angel get away
    Now my world is just a-tumblin' down
    I can say it so clearly but you're nowhere around

    The nights are lonely the days are so sad and
    I just keep thinking about the love that we had
    And I'm missing you
    And nobody knows it but me

    I carry a smile when I'm broken in two
    And I'm nobody without someone like you
    I'm trembling inside
    And nobody knows it but me

    Lie awake, it's a quarter past three
    I'm screaming at night if I thought you'd hear me
    Yeah, my heart is calling you
    And nobody knows it but me

    How blue can I get?
    You could ask my heart
    But like a jigsaw puzzle it's been torn all apart
    Billion words couldn't say just how I feel
    A million years from now you know
    I'll be loving you still

    The nights are so lonely the days are so sad and
    I just keep thinking about the love that we had
    And I'm missing you
    And nobody knows it but me

    Tomorrow morning, I'm a hit a dusty road
    Gonna find you, where ever, ever you might go
    And I'm gonna load my heart and hope you come back to me

    The nights are so lonely the days are so sad and
    I just keep thinking about the love that we had
    And I'm missing you
    And nobody knows it but me

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    Tuesday, October 12, 2004

    .: ExtraVideo :.

    Remembered what i said about the lady and the cab ?? well...

    juz check this out...

    now if only i had caught what i saw on vid...i wud send it to that website...although..they wud probably rejected it bcoz it was juz plain too hideous for public's viewing >=)

    btw..for those who suffered heart attack or traumatic shock due to clicking on that sumo link in the previous post....

    pls dun sue me~ and i did drop a warning didn't i??

    neway..dun worry about clicking the link above..its rated G or perhaps PG13...
    nothing hideous or shocking about that link..juz hilarious so...CLICK IT!!!

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    -Nonsense rambled by -skyllax- @ 4:47 PM-
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    .: LostForWords :.

    Hmm... just yesterday, my head was filled with so much nonsense to blog that i was pretty sure that i wud bore the hell out of anyone reading this. Guess what? i found out that sleeping at 6 am and waking up at 2 pm really does make your brain slowwwww..neway the thing is, if i had any creative juice yesterday...it's pretty much gone...for now anyway.

    Something that i remembered, there i was yday...talking to aly while running through her blog when i notice this..

    "Other things sighted in KLCC:

    ... elderly ang moh woman with saggy boobs who wasnt wearing a bra"

    initial response ? ...ewwww!

    But all this mention of saggy boobs reminded me of a lil encounter of my own.. hahha (i bet aly's keepin her eye peeled out for this..after waiting so long =p)

    It was about 2-3 years ago during new years eve..a bunch of us was chilling out at Bangsar and while walking along the road crowded wif a bunch of peeps drinkin, yellin and generally enjoyin themselves.. me and another guy caught this lady tryin to get out of the taxi while carrying her handbag (if u ask me..it was more like a suitcase!) and before we knew it...all of a sudden her top fell off...literally...and we cud see the shock on her face wif accidentally exposin her boobs in the middle of the streets filled wif party goers.. -_-

    ...the horror...for me and my fren that is...frankly speaking..we couldn't care less for that poor thing.. no offense to neone but she was obese...im talking about SUMO size! (Warning: 18 sx/sg/pl this aint a pretty sight, a reason y i didnt juz upload the pic)

    that scene is etched into my head...btw i may haf exaggerated a lil bit...but i think i was pretty much accurate with description...

    oh no wait!

    ....i suck at description...

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    -Nonsense rambled by -skyllax- @ 2:08 PM-
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    Monday, October 11, 2004

    .: StartingOff :.

    Alrite, after days of getting inspired to do my own blogging...I've finally settled down here ;)

    Although there's alot of nonsense that i would luv to start rambling about right away~ this first post is juz so that i would be able to edit this blog's template and etc...

    Will be back with the real stuff soon!


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