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  • Tuesday, August 09, 2005

    .: A Post After Ages :.

    By now, i'm pretty sure if i ever had anyone reading this blog, they would all have forgotten about it...well i wouldn't blame them. How long has it been since my last post?? hours? days? weeks? months? luckily not years yet..

    The problem with me is, everytime i feel like blogging or i have thoughts in my mind that i feel is worthy of being blogged (hahhaha), i'm usually behind the wheels or day dreaming somewhere that doesn't have access to a computer.

    Oh well, here's another mindless entree in this ever redundant blog...i swear...someday im gonna think of something brilliant to put up here....any suggestion?? Anyways, back to the mindless post, for those of you who actually pay attention to the 'Profile' section on the left of this blog, my birthday has recently just passed. How i celebrated it? Simple, a dinner at The Lobsterman in SS2, PJ - which turns out much better than i expected, here are some pics below:-

    Family potrait

    The Brats and I

    The Brats and I

    The Princess and Queen

    The Princess and Queen

    Who do you think I take after?

    One Big Cheesy Grin coming up~

    What? Not clear enough?


    They get to scribble on the table!

    Would you believe my Dad did this?

    .: Before :.

    .: After :.

    okok...that's enough pictures...if you guys want more, feel free to click here to get to the photo album located on my Multiply page. I'll probably be dropping by to add another post for the Leo Birthday party that was held on the 7th of August @ Asia Cafe.

    edit: there was a problem with the display of pictures and song due to bandwith problems. The pictures are now being hosted on a different server and hopefully it will stay up for good this time.


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