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  • Monday, April 25, 2005

    .: iHateBlogger.com :.


    Disclaimer/Note : In order to protect the party involved, this blog shall adopt a princple of concealing any party's identity by not revealing the party's true name. That said, all facts posted on this blog are true and has actually occurred and are by no means work of fiction. However this blog will not be held responsible nor liable for any nervous shock or psychiatric damage which encompasses all relevant forms of mental illness, neurosis and personality change. And if you have actually manage to read this paragraph (because it had been purposefully made this way to make you squint your eyes and make it real small to look like most japanese or korean or chinese, no not those that you find in anime or manga) you have already understood and agreed to be bound by this term/exclusion clause. And just incase you are suffering minor or major migraine coupled with stressed or tear-ing eye, understand that you have tried to read this disclaimer on your own free will so any action on your behalf through the course of law would be futile as the doctrine of volenti non fit injuria; which basically means voluntary assumption of risk (I warned you not to read at the beginning!!), shall prevail. With that said, I would like to extend a warm and heartful "Welcome to R-N" and please do enjoy whatever nonsensical rambling that you may find on this blog.

    Yours sincerely - Head of the Nonsense Law Advisor to "The Rambling-Nonsense (R-N) Blog" Division- Dickson, Lim


    There i was...sitting on a blardy chair for 1 whole hour typing a lot of funny stuffs that happened on Saturday night when 3 gays by the alias of Qiang Xing @ Mr.X, Deraj @ Wheong Sei and Nivek @ Budak Brunei and one Twisted psycho went out to explore Bangsar, Hartamas and finally SS2 together..

    I swear that it was atleast 2785 words long..with alot of funny bullshit, funny analogies, and lotsa funny nonsense that we did and said that night that would most probably get all of you laughing at our moronic ways...All was good and ready to go...when FuC[-censored-]nG Blogger.com's idiotic pathetic excuse of a system decides to wipe away everything that i have typed except for the little note i wrote above... ARGH!!!!!!!!!!

    ...this is one reason why i don't blog much...
    ...i'm going to sleep.....

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    -Nonsense rambled by -skyllax- @ 12:16 AM-
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    Monday, April 18, 2005

    .: DevilsAnyone? :.

    <---some footie rants ---->

    Scoreline : Manchester United 4 - 1 Newcastle United

    Need i say more?? this is the red devils that i've grown up watching and adoring!! i wish we play the Magpies every week!! We always seem to thrash them >=)) !!
    However, i gotta say this- the Toon Armies' fan are one great bunch of supporters, italians and spanish footie fans- turn on the tv and learn from this guys.. they stuck with their team even at the end~ where the scoreline was 4-1...more extraordinarily..this was Newcastle's second successive 4-1 defeat!! Kudos to the Newcastle fans.

    Let's move on...watching Manchester United score goals oddly makes me very happy~ granted that we are out of contention for the Premiership title and KO-ed of Champion Leagues, I seriously think that the current Man U sides packs alot of punch and they're not peaking yet..there are still miscomunications between the players unlike the 99' Treble winning side..but once they they iron out this irks...we'll be terrifying as opponents and IMO the side will be better than the 99' side

    I'll have to admit, this season Man U was really 2nd best to Chelsea, however i doubt this will continue next season =)

    now..juz bring on Arsenal~~ we r gonna tear some Gooner's Arse !!!

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    -Nonsense rambled by -skyllax- @ 3:21 AM-
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    Sunday, April 17, 2005

    .: YesCoach,imScrewed,Sir :.

    Last Friday was bad, reaaally bad...but im glad that it's over..atleast now i'm allowed to breath juz a tiny lil' bit easier...

    Lemme backtrack abit.. I had a mock paper for Contract Law and Tort Law on friday, and we were given 2 hour to attempt 1 Contract question and 1 Tort question. So naturally...any idiot would assume you should use 1 hour to solve 1 question...well no sireee~

    not me...i STUPIDLY spent 1 1/2 hour on a single Tort question..leaving myself with more or less half an hour to tackle a Contract question about the law of Misrepresentation that i barely know about. In other words?? I'm screwed - I'll be running around the class kissing everyone and anyone (those that doesn't instantly makes me wanna puke- that is) if Ms. Medusa gives me more than 10 marks for that piece of garbage...on second note...i think i shall be thankful if she gives the paper back to me in one piece and didn't just run it through the paper shredder.

    On a different note...after the paper, i tagged along wif Michelle, Li Ting and Christine at Midvalley- they originally wanted to catch The Pacifier but instead...i got em to catch Coach Carter. I'm not gonna write any such thing as a review here, coz i'll probably screw that up- but how good is it?? I went in with 3 gurls who i had my doubts would enjoy the show...and they came out of it pretty pumped up. Sure~ it's 2 and a half hour long, and although its pretty predictable..the show is just simply so compelling that one of the gurls had to pee real bad, but decided she will hold it in for another 2 hour b4 runnin to the toilet ;) Just to show you how good it is, i went back to Midvalley to catch the same show again on the next day- with another group of friends... i shit you not...

    ps: for those who value their life, whenever you're on the highway and you see a Waja with the plate number PFA 81..steer clear and give way- Li Ting drives like Schumacher trying to overtake other F1 cars...especially when we were on our way from Midv to Ikano.. >=p

    Btw, for those who are really free and would like some laughing materials to read online aside from crappy blogs which is a waste of time anyway, head over here --->Editorials of a Black Man in Japan teaching English<--- .Fulls of dick dodging, kancho dodging and breast stroking action...hahha if you're confuse..juz click on the link and you shall soon understand. And no..it's really not that perverted although i make it sounds as if it is, it's all good humour- although one or two are lame (the one about gaijin power, i know aly would be thinking otherwise -_-)

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    -Nonsense rambled by -skyllax- @ 3:15 AM-
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    Thursday, April 14, 2005

    .: ..... :.


    ...juz came to scream and let out some frustration...

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    -Nonsense rambled by -skyllax- @ 2:10 AM-
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